Top 11 Alarm clock for Android 2018

No one can refuse the using of an alarm clock; this is necessity of our live from old era. By time passed, it got different shapes. In these days, smartphones also have alarm clock app but this app does not fulfil the needs of every user. Most of people want customization in this app also. For those users, here are many apps are available over Google Playstore. Therefore, here is hard to know which is best for you. We are here giving you suggestions of some tops alarm clock apps those will change your lifestyle and have many features in them for daily use.

Here are Top 11 best alarm clock apps for you.

Alarm Clock Xtreme + Free Sleep Tracker and Timer

alarm clock 2018

This Alarm Clock has many other features with prevention of extra snoozing option when you get up of bed. Here is also built-in timer, stopwatch and brand new sleep tracker. You never missed your alarm every day and the days, you have selected for alarm because there is no chance for disable alarm by mistake.

Alarm Clock for Me free

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This app makes your android cellphone into an alarm clock that play your favorite tunes by fixed or change day-to-day option. Very nice themes also available and daily alarm helper will not missed your alarm every day. There are also many homescreen widget for your homescreen for make it colorful.

Simple Alarm Clock Free

alarm clock 2018

This very simple alarm clock app also mentioned in its name. It allows users to add, edit or remove daily alarms. You can set your daily alarms for wake up in the morning or set your daily tasks for reminder too. This app is advertisement free app, which is best option for its users.

Alarm Clock Free

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Alarm clock changes your android cellphone into a digital and beautiful Alarm Clock free. On Google Playstore, there is also a paid version of this app with named Alarm Clock Pro. There are many themes available in this and built-in flashlight option. Vertical and horizontal mode, 12/24hours mode and seconds to show/hide mode make it different from other apps.

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) – Alarm clock

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This very innovative app will force you to get up from bed with customized features. Once you set alarm with your room size and a snapshot where you slept, this alarm will ring until you wake and take the same picture you have saved in setting alarm phase. This alarm also called the most annoying alarm of the world.

Talking Alarm Clock

alarm clock 2018

This app called a funny alarm. You can set your own voice or your favorite person and sentence that you want to listen for wakeup. Moreover, this app also tell you the current time every time when it rings so you would be able to know what time to wake up and what time is going on.

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

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This alarm clock app designed for heavy sleepers with multiple alarm for Android users. Customizable and smart alarm clock wakes you up slowly, gently, naturally and gradually so you will never miss your scheduled events. This app specially designed for heavy sleepers. Many custom options just like daily, weekly or monthly expirations. You can set one alarm also.

Islamic alarm Clock

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If you are Muslim, you must use this alarm clock app. This app wake you up every morning for prayer with sweet Islamic tunes. This make you to offer prayers punctually and regularly basis. Therefore, you would not miss any prayer by using this app because this is not only early morning alarm but this also for day prayers.

Funny Alarm Clock Ringtones

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You can get funny alarm clock ringtones for your android phone by this app. There are hundreds of funny tones for alarm clock. You can check these online and then download for offline use. These ringtones not only for alarm clock but can also use for your ringtone.

Alarm Clock

alarm clock 2018

This is very intelligent simple alarm clock app for alarm activators. This app has built-in intelligent algorithm for active daily, weekly and monthly alarms. You have to set alarm just once and it will adjust your time automatically when you will change your location. Tone of this alarm is very elegant, so you will not disturb at once.

Digital Alarm Clock

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This is very nice talking alarm clock app can be use according to your needs. This alarm enables different timing for wake up for weekends because everyone has different wake up plan for weekends. If you are looking for talking alarm clock, this is best choice for you.

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