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Mostly smartphone users are very fond of capturing images. They take photos on every occasions of their life. They use many other tools or apps to beautify their images for these occasions because there are few smartphones that allowed you to use these techniques and have few filters to use for users. There are hundreds of apps are available on Google Playstore for this purpose. Users can’t define what to use. We will tell you about some reputed and popular apps that will change your images completely and also have cut and paste faces and pictures options.

Cut & Paste Easy Image editor

cut paste faces

This is the good cut and paste editor that is available over palystore with the category of Images and Photo App under the sub category of images editing developed by AHS.

Size of this app depends on the device that being used by user. It is only available for the user’s operating system 4.0 and upgrade.

Face Paste

cut paste faces

This is professional app for cut and paste photos. Users just have to select two faces and then they can use multiple options at a time. A few clicks will change your photos completely. You can easily cut and paste faces easily by selecting eyes, Nose, Mouth Etc. and then move to synthesize. You can also change your skin tone according to changed part or face.

Cupace – Cut and Paste Face Photos

cut paste faces

This is very simple cut and paste face photo editor is very easy to use. You can create meme, funny faces, cut, and paste face with funny and very innovative templates. You can cut and paste your photos in another photo with very easy steps.

There is another interesting feature that you can zoom your photo to paste your cut face.

Cut Paste Photos

cut paste faces

This is very simple app to cut and paste photos in another photos or content just like faces, animals and whatever you want for just fun and for your requirement and create your new photos with new content. If you have missed some events, you can add your photo in those events by simple using cut and paste technique.

Auto Photo Cut Paste

cut paste faces

This is next generation Photos editor cut and paste photos app by which you can cut any part of photo and then paste is automatically in another photo by using Automatic Paste Tool and can use many other backgrounds. This app provides you fast and easy way to create your own custom photos. You just select the custom area where you want to cut and then paste it where you want to paste this cut photo.

Cut Paste Photo Editor

cut paste faces

If you want to use these features:

  1. Want to swap faces without using Photoshop??
  2. Want to Remove People from Photos?
  3. Want to Remove or Replace Photo Background?
  4. Want to do prank with your friends?

This app has made for you. Images that will made by using this app will have amazing reality features and you can also cut and paste your whole pic or some part of the pic for best use of features of it.

Cut Paste Photos Seamless Edit

cut paste faces

Want to make some fun with your friends, you can use this app for cut and paste your photo in another photos. You can make yourself look like celebrity. This app is very easy to use, just cut the selected photo and paste it wherever you want to paste.

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