Essential Apps for Google Cardboard in 2018

You have ever tried hundreds of apps over Google Cardboard. Today, we shall let you know about some useful apps for google cardboard. These apps will give you a complete fund and entertainment in themselves. If you are tired to check out many apps for your approach. You should try these apps, these apps are made for Google cardboard, In other words you can say, these are best Essential Apps for Google Cardboard in 2018.

1.  Wizard Academy

This is eye testing game where you need highly co-ordination of eyes. It is shooting game where you have to hold the gun in VR and have to shoot multiple items showing up on the screen. There are many tools to shoot in space such as fire or ice.



BAMF VR is very innovative and involved game that give you an experience of innovation of new things. It gives you some challenging obstacles to cross for next level. There are many checkouts to get for next levels.


3. Youtube

Youtube is official app of google that give you an opportunity to watch 360 degree videos online for free. There are many movies and videos available on Youtube to watch for immersive entertainment.


4. Stars War VR

Stars War VR is most amazing experience about space for its users. You will feel the real space tour by using this app. There are also some sound effects that makes it more interesting. Once you will use it, you will be fan of it also.


5. Fulldive VR

It is browsing the internet app that allows you to browser internet free and you can also browse different videos and movies over youtube. There is also option to browse your offline data also. This is awesome app ever.


6. Cardboard Desing Lab

This is google official app that is much different from other apps. This is worthy app that make an easy use for you by using simple language options. This is the main feature that make it different from other apps.


7. Voxel Fly VR

This is the spaceship riding game that allows you to ride spaceships in the space freely. You will feel a cockpit of a plane while using this app. It is very easy and full of fun app for you to use on Google Cardboard.


8. Radial-G Infinity

This is endless runner game that give much new experience of running games. You will feel about it that it is just like the temple run game but this is not. In temple run, you have to collect many coins or just like these but in this game you have to play something different from that.


9. Within

Within is a storage of video content app where you will find many data about different type of videos in 360 degree mode. There is also option to play the offline 360 degree content in this app.


10. Vanguard VR

Flying in space is ever best experience, what will you feel when you fly in space just through the VR headset. You have to tilt your head to cross the obstacles come in your way.


These are the best Essential Apps for Google Cardboard in 2018. There are many other too but we have sort out only these. 20 Best Apps for Google Cardboard 2018


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