Experience amazing top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

Do you want to have an immersive adventure? Then it is the right time to indulge yourself in the virtual world with top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset. It is true that technologists of headset companies keep on experimenting with headsets for better quality but it does not mean users have to wait for amazing virtual reality experience. The plenty of reliable apps designed exceptionally for Playstation, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift enables a user to have all fun. So, find out the top 15 simulation apps for VR headset.

HTC Vive Games

The list of top HTC Vive Games is very long. We have gathered the best simulation apps for HTC Vive VR headset which are mentioned below.  These apps will surely gather your attention.

  1. Within

top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

Within is a free app that is available with premier high-quality content. Within provides a user an exceptional as well as immersive experience with 360 view. The video offers amazing action sports and far-off lands footage which one can only dream of. However, the app is continuously updated by the manufacturers with new content.

  1. Ocean Rift

top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

Ocean Rift is available at a price of £6.99 by providing an aquatic VR safari park tour to the users. The user will get a chance to float in an ocean with sea creatures. Swimming would never be so fun. All you need is to tap and enable the narrator who will assist with the underwater creatures. It is the perfect app that lets you touch whatever your heart desires.

  1. Google Earth VR

top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

Everyone agrees that Google Earth has introduced the best and fantastic mapping app. It is even more amazing when experienced through VR headset. Users are amazed that the mapping application is built beautifully and it is astoundingly accurate. Google Earth in VR will enable a user to have an epic as well as immersive experience. The high-quality great map will definitely leave you in an awe. The app is available for free.

  1. Allumette

top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

Allumette is the first VR film that is exceptionally and uniquely made. The masterpiece will let the user experience emotions in the world of virtual space with exquisite graphics. The touching story owns potential power to provide great fun within 30 minutes. The main narrative and the surroundings in the movie is astounding and you will definitely want to enjoy it over and over again. The simulation app is available for free.

  1. 3D Anatomy

top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

Yes, everyone would love to enjoy 3D learning. The process is simple, easy and quick especially when it comes to experience anatomy of a human body. Now, elements in a human body are not messy neither gross. VR provides ultimate benefit to the users to enjoy 3D anatomy which lets you learn more than 4000 realistic models. Well, a medical professional or a student will surely love to experience human body parts in VR. The app is available for £22.99.

Best Oculus Rift VR apps

The simulation apps for the Oculus Rift headset is growing at a rapid rate. The library of Oculus Rift offers great games instead of other apps. So, if you are ready to enjoy VR action, our picks of Oculus Rift are definitely best.

  1. Archangel VR

top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

Who does not love controlling weapons? The Skydance Interactive VR game features a giant robot that owns an amazing collection of arsenal weapons. The giant bot has to kill all of the enemies in the sky to level up and have more fun. It is available at Oculus Store with a price of $29.99.

  1. Kingspray

top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

Are you a Graffiti fan? Then you will definitely enjoy graffiti in virtual reality. Kingspray is not any game but owns the capability to provide fun with its artsy feature. The app is revamped for Rift users and was originally launched for Xbox Kinect users. The tons of color spray, drips and nozzles will be used to have fun creating masterpieces. It enables you to connect with friends by joining the game and having an ultimate experience. For $14.99, it is available at Oculus Store.

  1. The Unspoken

top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

The $19.99 game will let you fall in love with because of its exciting features. The game will make you realize that Rift controllers are definitely worthy of playing. Unspoken offers the best graphics and 3D sound that keeps you engaged for a longer time.

  1. Fruit Ninja VR

top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

Who does not know about Fruit Ninja game and playing it in VR is a wonderful thing. If you actually want to escape from boredom, Fruit Ninja VR is the best to enjoy. Try out the satisfying Oculus Touch which is addictive and hypnotic. User has to slice all sorts of fruits in a 3D model. It is available at Oculus Store at a price of $14.99. Get your pair of Samurai swords and cut the fruits in half.

  1. Coco VR

top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

One of the most visually interactive and interesting virtual reality Coco movie will deeply touch your soul. The experience of Coco in virtual reality is beyond imagination. It is fun, thrilling and definitely exciting. Disney is successful in providing an ultimate experience to the VR users. So, descend into Coco world. It is available for free on Oculus Store. However, Oculus touch is required.

Google Cardboard VR apps

Google Cardboard simulation VR apps are must try. The VR headset is an entry point for VR users because it is available at a low price. Anyone with little technical knowledge can build cardboard headset with software that is easy and support VR apps. Following are the best apps for Google Cardboard headset.

  1. CineVR

top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

CineVR is a simple and intuitive app that enables you to experience VR with friends in a movie theater. The idea of the game is to let user experience cinema to watch videos in an ambient lighting and 3D audio. However, you and your friends will get a chance to chart or even react while watching a movie. The app is available on Google store for free.

  1. Baobab App

top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

Baobab is the first animated story experienced by VR users especially designed for Google Daydream and Cardboard. The story was directed by talented Eric Darnell. In this animated tale, a cute little bunny who possess big eyes meets aliens. His expression is great and leaves users amusing. The app is for free available on Google Store.

  1. NYT VR

top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

Enjoying documentaries and news on VR is a different sort of fun. The experience will be unique and allows the user to enjoy the news in a new way. The app keeps on updating daily with regular news and videos. Smaller videos provide 360-degree fun for an ultimate experience. It is available for free on the Google store.

  14. Full dive VR

top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

Dive into the 3D world with Full dive VR app available on Google Store for free. The app allows a user to browse internet, videos, and photos in 3D mode. Even 360-degree videos are available and can be easily streamed online. So, are you ready to have VR fun?

  1. Google Arts and culture

top 15 simulations Apps for VR headset

After the advent of Google Cardboard, Google introduced some amazing 360 degrees content including videos, photos, and audio. The content enables a user to explore artifacts and artwork in a unique way. The data was gathered from more than 850 organizations, archives, and museums who have altogether partnered with Google Cultural Institute. They have collaborated to introduce their stories and collections online so that people can have closer look at the facts. The app is available on Google store for free.

Wrap up

Good Luck with downloading, watching and playing top 15 simulation apps for VR headset. All of the apps mentioned above for respective headsets are best in graphics and sound. So do not forget to mention your favorite app for ultimate VR experience. Read also related articles:20 Best Apps for Google Cardboard 2018

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