Guide about VR

Before we let you know guide about VR, we shall tell you a brief history of VR. Virtual reality has been introduced in many years ago in different movies and many writers tried to describe in their writings. As of American Science Fiction writer has written a short story in 1935 named Pygmalion’s Spectacles. These lines has been written in this movie.

“But listen – a movie that gives one sight and sound. Suppose now I add taste, smell, even touch, if your interest is taken by the story. Suppose I make it so that you are in the story, you speak to the shadows, and the shadows reply, and instead of being on a screen, the story is all about you, and you are in it. Would that be to make real a dream?”

This is the most earliest stage where nobody can think about this fiction. These are few lines that we have collect from history. Here is short guide about vr has been explained:

Guide about VR

Technology Trend

Technologies are going so fast to make changes in our lives. As of VR has change our trend about playing games, video playing and other apps using. The current age of VR has been developed in 2010 when an American teenager Palmer Luckey created first prototype of VR headset that is currently changed into Oculus Rift.


There are several competitors are going to take participate in this competition of VR. This experience is beneficial for users as they could get cheap and quality headsets easily. Main competitors for VR are Google, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Oculus and Playstation VR. This is a major part of guide about vr.

Price and Accessories

Guide about VR

When a user wants to buy headset, he should keep in mind that there is main price of kit of headset. Other accessories (such as cellphone, computer, controllers) are secondary part. He should keep some budget to buy these accessories too for better use of VR. While selecting the accessories, he should also buy good quality products otherwise better results might be impossible.

Apps Stores

Guide about VR

Each of headset has its own store to download and run apps. There are three type of apps and games are available. Firstly, apps and games are free. Secondly, apps and games are demo version that expires after sometime and you have to pay to keep running it. Third, apps and games are totally payable. You have to pay for run or play these.

VR Headsets

Guide about VR

VR headsets can be categorized into two parts. First, there are high end headsets that includes Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony PlayStation VR. These headsets are costly and have strong specifications also. You need to high end computer and cellphones to run these headsets. Secondly, there are some headsets are available in market that are cheap and also have low specifications. You do not need high end computer or cellphones to run these headsets. In this list, Samsung Gear VR and Google Carboard and Daydream.

Which VR Headset should buy? Guide about VR

Guide about VR

All headsets has their own special specifications and requirements. As per the accessories costs, some headsets are cheap and some are costly. You have to keep in mind about apps that you want to use on it. While you will pay more price to get only few features. Budget is main factor in this, if you have heavy budget to spend. You have no worry and if you have low budget, you should try some cheap headset.

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