How to Play Xbox, Switch, PC Games in PlayStation VR Cinema Mode ?

How to play VR Cinema Mode?

Playstation VR has a big advantage in market, because it is cheapest than other VR headsets and there is no need to buy a costly PC for this purpose. These advantages make it more attractive in market. Although it can not compete with other reputed headsets. We will tell you that how to play vr cinema mode in Xbox, Switch and PlayStation to play PC games.

Worth of Playstation VR Headset

There is another benefit of Playstation VR headset that you can plug it into any PC easily. There are multiple options for this purpose. You have an external processing box that can switch over any other PC easily. HDMI cables made connectivity of this headset easily to any other PC even you can connect it with your laptop also.

How to play VR Cinema Mode

To connect with your TV, you just need to plug your console connectivity cable into the HDMI port that has been labeled PS4 in processing box. Then connect another HDMI cable with your TV as normal connectivity. Last one, you have to connect your PS VR cable in USB as normal. So that is the complete setup to do it simply.

This will work normally but you can not get a cinema mode that you want. You have to enjoy the games as it is connected through the TV. The real adventure of these games could be get through the PC. You must need a PC for real adventure of these VR games.

These were simple tips to get your VR headset into cinema mode. If you have ever tried and could not get connect it, you must try with these simple steps to make it.

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