How to setup a perfect VR Room?

This is a new generation of entertainment with PlayStation. VR headsets has changed our lives totally and it is going to change also. When we will buy a new VR PlayStation headset then we need a perfect vr room. This is necessarily need of you because VR headset need some space to move your body to get much fun of virtual reality.

Perfect VR Room

Which VR headset is best for you?

Perfect VR Room

First of all you need to check your requirements and budget. You need to focus on both sides i.e budget and specifications also. Sometimes you think more about specifications and then price goes up than your budget. There are many options for users to buy according to their requirements and budget too.

How to setup a Perfect VR Room?

To get more entertainment from VR headset, you need a wide room scale. Room scale means the game or app that you wanna play with VR headset and the area you are going to select for play. Area of a room is basic need for installation of PlayStation VR. A perfect VR room need some requirements to fulfill before to play with it.

How much Space Need for a Perfect VR Room?

Perfect VR Room

If you are to going to use that apps which do not need any movement then you do not need any in your room to set it up. You can use these apps by sitting at one place. Minimum area you need to setup a perfect VR room is 1meter by 1meter or 3feet by 3feet. By choosing these space requirement, you can move easily according to your need in VR apps or games. If you dont have enough space in your room, you must choose another room for it.

Ceiling Requirements for Perfect VR Room?

There is not any recommended ceiling requirement to setup a perfect vr room. Although, HTC Vive gives some basic recommendations for you to mount PlayStation. It recommend a minimum height for room to 2meter or 6feet 5inches.

Perfect VR Room

Currently, Oculus Rift VR systems does not give any recommendations for you to mount it higher or lower than the actual requirements. You can mount their screens as per suitable to your PC. It depends on your requirements and ease of access to choose the height level of screen.

Need Network for Perfect VR Room?

Perfect VR Room

To speed up your PlayStation VR working, you need a high speed internet connection in your room. If you have a LAN (Local Area Connection), you can use this for your VR room. When multiplayer connects with PlayStation, it might get slow but a speedy internet will not let down your speed.

Windows and Doors for Perfect VR Room?

Perfect VR Room

If you have installed your VR Headset in that room where multiple windows and doors are available. You should cover these windows and doors by using fabric curtain. This will safe to int interrupt from outside lighting.

Cable Management for Perfect VR Room?

Perfect VR Room

While setting up a VR room, you need to fix all cables with ducts, pipes or through wall. These maybe an obstacles for you while you move during use of VR headset because at that time you cant see in real world. You are in VR world where you are using some apps or playing a game.

Floor for Perfect VR Room?

Perfect VR Room

Flooring is also a major role to setup a VR room. You need to move different sides while using VR headset. Sometimes you jump, crawl, run, shoot and all kind of acts just like an exercise. Carpet maybe perfect for this purpose and some people get allergic from this. So they need some other comforts for it.

Important Things to Notice While Setting up a Perfect VR Room

While selecting area to play with PlayStation VR, you should check the obstacles in the area selected. If there are some obstacles in that area, then you have to put away these from that area. If you could not get rid of these obstacles from the area you selected, you should select another location to install your VR.

There is system to warn you when you reach boundaries of your selected area but you need a clear surface to move within the area. If you do not clear that area, you can get hurt by bumped with the obstacles.

Low ceiling fan and bracket fans also a major obstacles. While we select area, sometimes we ignore these but clearance for these also a necessary need.


These are all things you need to configure to setup a Perfect VR Room. If you liked this post, please share with your friends and let us know about it through your valuable comments. Also read PlayStation VR Apps.


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