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Playstation VR

Playstation VR has been developed by Sony that was released in last months of 2016. Sony has also very good VR headsets range with complete specifications.


These headsets has been designed to play games with fully functional on Playstations. There are many options in demo version are available where you can a player can play a game separately without wearing this headset on PC. There is separate function and screen for other player that is available on screen. Playstation VR has 5.7 inches OLED panel, with resolution of 1080p, the head seat also have a processor box through which you can enable your desired output to television and can get audio 3D effects also. It has also a big advantage that here can also use a normal 3.5mm audio jack that is easily available in market.


playstation vr

Sony has taken interest in wearable headsets in early 90’s, so it has made many sets since the era. Many of these headsets has been developed and launched in market also. In 2014, Sony Corporation engineers Anton Mikhailov and his team has developed a basic headset for demo after their 3 yeard of working. As per he said, this headset could be developed in past but many of the difficulties they have faced therefore they could not launch it in market. There were many projects has been started in the early stage of the development of Playstation VR.


Hardware specifications of Playstation VR reveal that GDC’15 come with OLED 1920 × 1080 pixel display (providing 960 × 1080 pixels resolution for each eye) with an RGB subpixel matrix, and enabled displaying content at 120fps. It features an stereoscopic 3D, FOV of 100°, 6DOF head-tracking and unwarped output to a TV, other player can also see the display of the wearable headset on another display come with it. This features has introduced in playstation 4 and so on.

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In September 2015, there was three native modes were available for developers: native 90 Hz, native 120 Hz, and a mode where gameplay running at 60 Hz would be displayed at 120 Hz using a motion  technique called asynchronous re-projection. The interpolation would be change the time representation under 18 milliseconds. The technique would also be utilized in the native 120 Hz mode to ensure consistent frame rate. According to a Sony representative, the company expects high frequency 120 Hz mode to be a popular choice for games.

PlayStation VR games can send different perspectives to headset users in near future that would change the game world completely. There was many other difficulties they have faced in the early developing stage of PlayStation VR. There are many games has been developed in the early stage to demo the headsets. Now many of these games are popular in games world.

In October 2017, Sony released the CUH-ZVR2 model of the PlayStation VR headset which has many features of latest headset and there were also many things in this that has been developed in the early stage of making PlayStation VR.

Games and Content

playstation vr

In early 2016, there was about 230 developers were working on the developing of games and apps for PlayStation VR headset. There has been many efforts done to finalize it for customers. Existing games also can be played on PlayStation VR. But these would be only in cinematic mode.

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