Top 33 No Wifi Games

Top 33 No Wifi Games (Offline Android Games and IOS Games)

The Android and IOS games industry is growing very fast and nowadays many of the games on stores need internet connection that is much problem for users because many times, we are working in that environment where no internet connection available or our data package has been lost or sometimes we are traveling where internet connections are rare. Therefore, we have a rare collection of those no wifi games can be download at once and you would be able to play offline when you are offline mode also. There no wifi games do not need internet connection to play.

Here are Top 33 no wifi games for you to play offline according to their categories.

1. Word

Here are some no wifi games under this category:

i. Word Crossy – A crossword games

This is just like word-cross games in which we have to connect letters to fill blank words those are hide. This is heavy word puzzle game. This is free to play but you can also purchase for more features.

No Wifi Games

ii. Word Link

This is the game for vocabulary lovers. Just swipe and connect the words to win for next challenge. Here are some tests for your vocabulary and for your brain. If you are a word game lover then do not miss to try it free.

No Wifi Games

2. Trivia

i. Riddles – Just 500 Riddles

This game will make brain cells of you when you will solve these riddles. It is also for kids as well as adults. It will give an exercise for your brain muscles regularly. Some riddles will be easy and some tough as they will look like unsolvable but they are.

No Wifi Games

ii. Bubble Shooter Classic

Play free bubble shooter classic game where 800 levels are waiting for you to unlock. This is extremely addictive game, once you will play, you will become a fan and will play more and more by time passing.

No wifi games

3. Strategy

i. Unblock Car

Unblock Car is most favorite strategy games over Google Playstore, this is very simple game in which you have to get rid of your red car from parking while other cars also park with your car.

No Wifi Games

ii. Super Tank

This is new version of games tank battle, here are many new features has added in this version. This is the game of tanks, in which you have to control over your own tank and to destroy the enemy’s tanks. Here are 03 modes in this game; those are Super Mode, Normal Mode and Challenge Mode.

No Wifi Games

4. Sports

i. Shooting King

This is best rifle games with many other features just like (range targets, balloons, flying saucer, parachute and more)

You will experience the best shooting games with amazing controls. You can consider many environment just like wind forces and many other for snipe lovers

No Wifi Games

ii. Bowling Game 3D Free

This is best bowling game with 3D effects graphics, you can test your bowling skills with No. 1 bowling games. This game has very realistic features:

● 16 unique custom bowling balls.
● 3 Game Modes.
● Customize the alley by choosing the wood and background mask you like.
● Realistic Physics.
● Stunning 3D graphics.
● Each Player can choose their own ball.
● Stats Screen.

No Wifi Games

5. Simulation

i. Impossible Car Stunt Racing

Extreme car racing with amazing car track that will make you crazy between the riding. Here are different levels of riding, choose your vehicle before start a track, luxury vehicles also available.

No Wifi Games

ii. Coach Bus Simulator Parking

This is bus simulation for drivers to learn their driving for bus. This is most comprehensive bus driving simulator, which will help you to learn many driving skills and techniques.

No Wifi Games

6. Role Playing

i. Dungeon Hunter 4

This is role playing game that contain action and adventures for its players. This version available for single as well as multiplayer that will change your mind into action mode.

No Wifi Games

ii. Stylish Girl – Make me Gorgeous

This is game for dress lovers, you can change dresses shoes and other accessories for a bridal and this will help to choose dressing for party or casual. Create many looks for your dress designer and clients as well.

No Wifi Games

7. Racing

i. Crazy for Speed

There are most dangerous roads in this game with 3D effects to look like just real roads. You can customize your own car with color, model and shapes. While sitting on driving seat, you will feel real world all around you.

No Wifi Games

ii. Moto Racing Rider

This is most amazing motorbiker challenging game for bike riders that will give you most terrific experience from traffic escape. As fast you run your bike, you will feel real traffic experience to pass throughout the other cars, bus and other rides.

No Wifi Games

8. Puzzle


This is so simple game where you have to just make 5 in row, column or diagonal. Game can be play against your device or multiplayer also.

No Wifi Games

ii. Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter is game where you have to shoot bubble on the upper side by controlling the ball on the surface. A laser slight on the surface of your device where you have to control the ball and this will automatically push it up.

No Wifi Games

9. Music

i. Real Piano

This is best piano keyboard for pianists, keyboardists, musician, performers, artists, amateurs or beginners! You can enhance your life with real piano player and other instruments just like flute and organ.

No Wifi Games

ii. Real Guitar Music

By playing this game you can feel the real guitar playing. It sounds also like real guitar and many other features that will enhance your experience to play a guitar.

No Wifi Games

10. Educational

i. Learn ABC and 123

This games if for kids to learn English alphabets and counting for initial stages. This game has many features just like images for fast learning of kids.

No Wifi Games

ii. Coloring and Learn

This is realistic game for kids to learn colors pattern and drawings. Here are many stickers for coloring help and 100+ pages for kids to make their own drawings gallery.

No Wifi Games

11. Casual

i. Candy Crush Saga

Once you will start this games to play, you will never let it go and will be addicted of this game as much as you never think before. Just simple you have to collect 03 candies in row or columns to break them. After getting the required score, you will move on next level.

No Wifi Games


ii. Princess Makeup Saloon

This game if for girl, you have to dress a princess head to toe according to your own liked dress or shoes. You can also imagine yourself this game to dress up by your own.

No Wifi Games

12. Casino

i. UTP – Ultimate Teen Patti

This is most thrilling cards game where you can win more than 10lakh by playing this game. You can play with your device and multiplayer schedules. Firstly, chips are free and you have to pay for rest of chips or you have to play and win more chips.

No Wifi Games

ii. Slot Machine+

This is popular Vegas type game where you can play just like a casino, here are no ads in this game that will interrupt your intention to ads and you can play easily your moves.

No Wifi Games

13. Cards

i. Solitaire

This is the game of patience where you can play solitaire just like real world. This is most popular game in the world. Try just one this free game and you will love to play it. You have to play daily challenges for continuity of game.

No Wifi Games

ii. 29 Card Game

This game introduced by a south Asian group, in this games Jack and the Nine are the highest cards in every suit. 32 cards from a standard 52-card pack are used for play. The cards in every suit rank from high to low: J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7. The aim of the game is to win tricks containing valuable cards.

No Wifi Games

14. Board

i. Real Chess

This is game contains the real chess features; here you can play chess with device with different levels of difficulty and with dual player mode. Game has 3D effects that will make you a real chess player. This is one of the top no wifi games.

No Wifi Games

ii. Ludo Game: New (2018) Dice Game, The Star

Once you play this board ludo game, you will become fan of this and will share with you friends and family for making a pool between them. It has also many other names in different languages just like as Pachisi, and is very similar to a Spanish board game, Parchís.

No Wifi Games

15. Arcade

Arcade category has these no wifi games:

i. Knock Down

This is the game just like the angry birds; you have to destruct the main target by using your own birds just like fire. Different levels have many different targets that will make more interesting for you.

No Wifi Games

ii. Subway Surface

In this game you have to run to collect more coins by chasing a policeman. While you have to avoid also from different obstacles. More coins you get, you get more distance from policeman.

No Wifi Games

iii. HAWK – Force of an Arcade Shooter. Shoot ’em up

This is shooting game, where hundreds of enemies are waiting for you. You have to kill them by using your guns and weapon and also have to secure yourself like a battlefield.

No Wifi Games

16. Action

i. Lara Croft: Relic Run

This is the real action and adventure game for Lara Croft lovers and also for those who want a real action and adventure. Run, swing, drive, and swan dive your way through beautiful and challenging environments.

No Wifi Games

ii. Cover Fire: Shooting Game

In this game, you have to fight just like real heroes in battlefield; you have to adopt different strategies for real war. Battlefield is just like the real front-line, you have to lead your team and fight against different enemies.

No Wifi Games

There are many other games that can be played without internet connections. Here we had took a short list of these No Wifi Games. Let us know about this post and tell your friends about this if you have get it beneficial. Read this also 2018 Flashlight Apps for your Android Device.

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