How to Try Playstation VR Free Before Buying it?

It is very common sense that people never purchase those things which they have not tried before. This is also a trend in our society to try things before buy those. VR headset are now going to becoming part of gamer’s choice. Gamers are going to convert into VR headsets. This is the main question from new users whose want to use or buy a new Playstation VR “How to Try Playstation VR Free Before Buying it? ”

try playstation vr free

How to Try Playstation VR Free Before Buying it?

Company also want to give a chance to people to try their product as it will increase their feedback to improve system as well as they will get new customers for their product. For this purpose, company has organized number of demos on their KIOSKs where customers can go and try Playstation VR free before buying it.

try playstation vr free

How to Find a Store to Try Playstation VR Free?

There is a handy map tool developed by Sony, it will show you the nearest Sony store to try Plastation VR for free. This tool show different locations on map where you can go and try demo before buy it. Location map shows minimum 100 miles mileage to you to go for it. This service is not available for rural areas because all main stores are in the major cities so you have to come near your city.

Which Games are Available to try Playstation VR Free?

Games available on these stores to demo Playstation VR are EVE: Valkyrie, Headmaster, Battlezone, and SuperHyperCube. These are going to increase day by day as the program continues its status.

Price of Playstation VR?

try playstation vr free

This is recently launched PSVR price is about $400 but here is not included the required accessories in it i.e Playstation Camera and Playstation VR console. These accessories will cost a separate for $300. However, here is another package available that costs $500 and includes PlayStation VR Worlds, two Move controllers, and the required PlayStation Camera. Sony has launched a Playstation VR 4 Pro version that has improved performance and visual effects of latest games.

Stores where we can try Playstation VR free?

Companies those are giving you opportunity to try Playstation VR free: Gamestop, Best Buy and International. You can find their retail store and go there to try PSVR. Stores for these companies are located in the major cities so you have to travel to go there. You can find out the desired store from their official websites also. If you have any near store of these companies so you can call them and also require about the demo of PSVR.


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