BEST Visual Voicemail Features – Voicemail Setup & Use

Voicemail is just like a lifesaver for all cellphone users. If your cellphone service charge, expensive voicemail packages for you. You can use many other voicemail apps on Google Playstore. These apps are free of cost and have multiple customize features. In smartphones, there are thousands of voicemail apps available to use this feature.

So here are Top 7 voicemail apps that will change your lifestyle.

T-Mobile Visual Voicemail

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T-Mobile keep you up-to-date about your voicemails by just one click away. You can use voicemail option without dialing contacts. You can customize your contacts under this app. You do not need to change your voicemail number or voicemail forwarding.

InstaVoice: Visual Voicemail & Missed Call Alerts

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This one app give you complete connectivity with your friends, when they are busy. Free visual voicemail, missed call alerts and voice sms give you freedom to connect with friends. If you travel a lot and got many missed calls from known and unknown person, so this is complete package for you. You just listen voicemails whenever you will get free and answer to these with ease.

Free Visual Voicemail

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This is free voicemail app for French mainland users. Free voicemail only allows for those users whose data plan allows them to use it or they have any voicemail data plan. This application allows you to the widget based information about your used data plan and remaining data plans. If user have dual sim cellphone, so there are some different instruction for him/her to install and launch this application.

My Visual Voicemail

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With this application, you can listen your visual massages, reply with one click, sort them according to your needs, update your contacts and can manage your inbox without every dialing to your voicemail dialer. There is no need to change your voicemail number, you have to install this application and then configure it any desired number.

KPN VoiceMail

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KPN voicemail app is free for KPN users. It allows full access to your voicemail massages. No need to shuffle into countless menus, you just scroll down the voicemail massages and listen which massage you want to listen and reply with call or voicemail in very easy way.


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This very easy application for voicemail massages allows you to send voicemail in very easy and shortest way. You just need to install and then you get your voicemail massages and just one click away for respond of these massages.

Remove Voicemail

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This application allows removing voicemail notification from notification bar on android cellhphone. These notifications get much battery and cellphone usage, so these maybe slow your cellphone. You can remove this notification without any rout and any clearance of data. It starts working after installing it but sometimes need to restart your cellphone for proper operating.

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