Top 50 VR Games for Android and IOS

VR Games for Android and IOS

If you wanna play in fantasy world with new Top VR Games for android in 2018, here is lot of fun waiting for you to play these games. Many of the users which use Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, PlayStation VR and Google’s Cardboard want some summary of these games for select their desire game. There are Top 50 VR Games for Android and IOS.

1. Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

This is multi-platform game that can be play at any of the VR player. Here is everyone’s favorite VR Game Sarious Sam for you. You will get real fantasy feelings for its players.


This game is releasing in series, you will get amazing features in this games and will love to play it. You will play with your own hands to kill mental Aliens. The VR simulation is based on files of your system about Captain of Battle Cruiser Saratoga. There will be a mission of captain stone, you will have to completed it. There are many features in it just like Ton of new enemies at every level, guns, action and lot of new locations to hunt also. Here are lot of positive feedback available on many forums and websites all around the globe.

2. The Lab

This is a classic genre game that consist of many internal games in it. There are many sub-games in this according to the stories you have chosen. It looks like a simple game but the players of this game is hell addictive for play it. This is valve of different minigames that will let you options to choose your own game to play.


The best part of this game that is a free VR game for multi-platforms. You will be an addictive of this game after to play it as this is so simple game. It contains the real features for shooting that will also give a physical activity. while you play this game, there is imaginations of real training.

3. Everest VR

Have you ever think about climbing on Everest? Now this reality available on your Oculus Rift Platform. You can get the real experience of climbing the Mount Everest on VR first time with the help of this Simulator.


This game has developed by Solfar VR Studio with the help of RVX-the nordics leading visual and animation house. There are 5 iconic scenes that looks like real Mount Everest Climbing.

4. Lightblade VR

Lighblade VR is a game that concept we have seen in our childhood. It is training simulation VR Game with slef-illuminated plasma blades look like illuminated swords. This is just like the sports activities that we done in other outdoor sports games.


There is much graphic works that makes a real look to game. Interface of this games is very user friendly. Moreover, there are many options to customize screen size and to multiplayer with different colors options.

5. The Solus Project

This is a survival game where you have to survive yourself while living an unknown place. Colors of different buildings also give a new look to game players. It will be a most unusual attempt for you while you ever played a VR game.


When you will play this game, you will forget all of other VR games. The reality is beyond the limits.

6. Apolo 11 VR Game

This is story type game that tells you about the travel of Apolo to Moon by going through space. This was the greatest achievements of humanity towards space conquer.


This game also encourage your next generation to get more achievements in space world. Everything look like real while you go through the travel. A nice journey contain take off to land till moon will give you a new experience of virtual reality.

7. Raw Data

This is fighting VR game that will give you a new experience of real VR fighting. Adaptation process of this game does not take long before take a fight. Actions and gameplay is really innovative.


After selecting your character, you will be thrown in a battlefield where robots enemies and other players are waiting to fight with you. There are variety of combat to play. You can choose your combat and fight mode according to your requirements.

8. Pool Nation VR

If you do not want to leave your house and also desire to play Snooker/Billiards at your home in real mode. This game has been designed to play your pool at home while an atmosphere of a club.


All of the things in this game look like a real snooker/billiard club. You can drop bottles and also can enjoy the other tables while playing on your board. This is not just a game to play but a complete setup to enjoy in real world.

9. Arizona Sunshine

This is zombies killing theme based game where you can kill zombies by using of different weapons. You can kill them by fighting also. This is realistic game where you can kill zombies when they come close to you.


There is also a variety of weapons like firearms and shotguns that can b used close range killings for zombies. This is multi platform game that can be played on multi platform devices.

10. Hover Junkers

Hover Junkers is a ship game where you become a pilot for your own ship. Ship’s size become the customized size of your own room or area selected. Your ship becomes a fortress for you and you would have to face other players as competitors.


This is much intensive game that will not let you free even a second while playing it. You will have to face different levels with different enemies. Hover Junkers recommends to play it with multiplayer.

11. Fantastic Contraption

If you wanna create your own machines so this game has been designed for you. You can create your own ships, cars, jets and whatever you want. You have to keep the basic principles of physics.


You will have unlimited spinning wheels and stretchable sticks to create your model. Do whatever you want to do and see what is being made by you. At last levels, you maybe get challenges but you will be use to for it later.

12. Space Pirate Trainer VR

This game maybe a simple in first looking of you but this is not so simple as you will see about it. While you start this game, you will see it easier but when you will get deep into it, you will feel that it need much concentration to play.


You will have only two laser guns and two shields to protect yourself from enemies. Use them wisely against them. There are many firing modes in these guns so you have to use them carefully.

13. Elite: Dangerous

This game is about to travel in space and exploring more and more for you. You will ge experience to travel among billions of stars. A real fantastic space voyage waiting for you.


At the beginning,  you will get a small spaceship but completing the next level you will move to a big and advance ship later. You can see every star, planet, or satellite clearly from near.

14. Surgeon Simulator

Now the patient’s life is in your inexpert hands. You will have to surgery many operation with your incompetent hands. If you have never tried to see any operational surgery now you can do it with your own hands.


Many of the main operations, you can do with your hands such as heart transplant, brain transplant, teeth removal, eye surgery and single or double kidney transplant. This is exclusive product to get an amazing experience.

15. Tilt Brush

With tilt brush, you can make 3D paintings with your desire. VR world have made this creative activity into a game. You will get amazing fun by playing this game.


You can draw 3D animated cartoons, pics or house as your desire. Another opportunity to build your own house, construct it and also furnish it with your desires also.

16. Job Simulator


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