VR Headsets for Iphone

This world is going to more trendy about VR. In future, VR headset will be in the hands of humans just like the cellphones are most trendy nowadays. VR world is going to capture the world in every aspect. Every users want to experience this product by spending less money on it. Many companies has worked on VR with only one aspect i.e Android or PC. This is difficult to find headsets that are compatible with Iphone. We have tried to compile a list of VR headsets for iphone that will change your concept about VR for Iphone suers.

1. Merge VR

Merge VR is top picking VR headset from Iphone users. This is most easy and clever features headset for users. People liked it as its easiness of use and brilliant features. It is also most popular among kids and other family members for its easy use. Casing for these headset has been made of plastic. There are many easy operations are available throughout the using of these lenses.


2. View-Master Deluxe VR

This is low budget VR headset that is available for user in very cheap rate. It has many useful features in it that make it different from other headsets. It has a sleek design that has been made for an extra lengthy lens on front to adjust the cellphone in it. There is also a wheel that allows to focus the lens as per our requirements. It works with both of Android and Iphone users.


3. I am Cardboard VR V2

There are several versions of google cardboard has been announced and manufactured by different companies. Many companies has made copies of Google cardboard. I am cardboard VR V2 is totally different from all other versions because it has dual option to connect with android and iphone also. The sleek design has made to capture whole systems i.e android and iphone also.


4. BlitzWolf VR Headset

This is also economical VR headset for users to use VR headset over iphone. This has been designed to fit all type of cellphones in it. That could be small or large both cellphones can be used in this headset. There is also availability of different compatible VR apps from Itunes or Google Playstore. It comes with adjustable pupil and multiple focus features.


5. Zeiss VR One Plus

You can call it Eye Box headset also. There is much different niche of content and VR headset in it. There is no need of adjusting the cellphone on a distance from your eyes. You just need to focus the lens besides the cellphone. There is also a gap between eyes headset and cellphone also to proper ventilation. This is bad feature for it that it is only adjustable for 4.7 to 5.5 inches screen cellphones.


6. Homido V2 VR

This is all in one purpose VR headset that makes a big change in your experience. There are also extra T shape strips to fit headset over your head. That is a totally different fitting from all other headsets. Spongy eye lens make ease to your eyes to watch over the screen. There is also company store named Homido Centre Store to download default and free apps.



These are the headsets that has best compatibility with Iphone. However, there maybe some other headsets to connect with Iphone to VR but these are the best choices by users. Best 5 VR Games for Iphone


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