VR Headsets for PC

There are many VR headsets available in market with different names and made my different manufacturers. It is difficult for these days to know about the headset compatibility by its specifications whether it works with cellphone or PC. In this post, we shall let you know about the VR Headsets for PC which can be connected through PC and then can be used. Here is a list of VR Headsets for PC:

1. HTC Vive

HTC Vive is the best every headset till now for PC made with plastic body. It has won many competitions organized in the whole world. It comes with two controllers, headset and a base station for pc connectivity. This is best every product has been made by HTC. With sleek design and best specifications, it is upper than all VR headsets in market.


2. Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is very sleek headset for PC that make you a different sense of VR use and its controllers are very easy to use. It comes with headsets and motion controllers that give you an cheap advantage of VR using on PC. Controllers are very limited use in this device. You have to use major activities through the headset device.

3. Microsoft HoloLens

It is just like the routine sunglasses that contain an image on the inner side of glasses. This lens shows a screen in the inner side of glasses. This is mixed virtual reality to bring people in digital world. These lenses will make a different look to other VR devices. This blended environment becomes a new era to you about VR experience.

4. Razer OSVR HDK 2

Razer SOVR HDK2 gives you freedom to content that is available on their stores. You have not to pay extra charges or fees or subscriptions to get your desired content over stores. There is much easy access of games on steam free. Easy to configure, create your own configuration for developers.


FOVE VR is latest headset that allows you to eye tracking while wearing this headset over your head. It will let you know about your head moving while you wear this headset on your head. Weight of this device is 520grams and it comes with adjustable straps around your head.

6. META 2

Meta 2 was launched in 2013 but that version was not sufficient features so company has launched other latest headset with new features for its customers later. This is just like the Microsoft HoloLens but features are much different from that headset device.

7. Solun Q VR Headset

This device was launched in 2016, this was considered that it will be competitor to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. But later on the competitor took much part in market so this device remain beside their competition. This device compatible with PC till windows 10.

8. Avegant Glyph

This is much interesting and beautiful device with built in audio headphones that is connected to device by default. It can be worn just like routine headphones and the headphone strip contain the lenses to view the content. It gives more immersive display than virtual reality display.

9. Sony Morpheus

Sony is the best electronic company all around the world. It has given many developed products to its customers. There are several products are still best in market of Sony. Sony Morpheus is best headset device that is compatible with PC. It has also blue light sign that make it different from other headset devices.

10. Visus VR

If you want to experience VR in low budget so this device has been made for you. This is so simple device that is big feature of plug and play. With built in features device sends motion data to computer very fast. There is no doubt this is very simple and low budget price for users that have early experience about VR.

Which is best VR Headsets for PC?

It is up to the customers what they want to buy. These all are VR Headsets for PC with different specifications and requirements. All devices are for different budget users. There is another post that  you should be read also: Best Android VR Headset

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